Why Fitness Law?


Why Fitness Law?


Yes, we are lawyers, but we are also fitness lovers and are active members in our fitness communities. We love the fitness community, we are part of the fitness community, and we realized that we had a unique offering. It is an obligation to help.


What makes Fitness Law different is that:

  • we are part of your community,

  • our agreements are in plain english,

  • we brand our documents in YOUR language, and

  • we understand the nuances specific to your needs in the fitness industry.



Lets us do the legal lifting, while you sweat the good stuff!

Our Crew

Our Crew

The Fitness Law Crew loves learning, doing yoga and chilling outdoors. We are one big team.

Cory Sterling.jpg

Cory Sterling

Lawyer + Pro Bro

(VIA Vancouver, BC)



If you are the right person, reach out. PLEASE.

Whatever the capacity, we’ll make it work. Just say hi.